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The Foliagenator

Built to feed Aussie Wildlife


“Tried and tested with Australian wildlife carers”



Willdlife care is demanding and carers can find themselves overwhelmed with the round the clock care that wildlife need to get back into the bush. An important aspect of wildlife care is food collection. Having lots of hungry mouths to feed, sourcing the right food is a vital task which takes time and effort. Once food is collected it must then be stored and managed properly, otherwise foliage will dry out quickly and be wasted as wildlife won’t eat it. The Foliagenator has been designed from the ground up to help carers manage this aspect of wildlife care.

A purpose built solution to give our animals the freshest food and best possible chance of recovery.

The vessel is fully self-contained and runs on an automated and timed recirculation system. This means that it does not need to be plumbed into mains water or plugged into a power outlet. Once the system has been charged with water you can set and forget. The off grid solar powered version (standard model) is designed for mobility and can be installed in almost any location and if necessary it can be easily moved with its all-terrain wheels. On the inside you will discover an easy to manage bucket system so that foliage can be arranged by foliage variety.

The whole system has been designed with efficiency and our environment in mind.
The recirculation system saves our precious water and its solar panel harness the wealth of Australian sunshine!

Each unit comes with a  2 year parts warranty.


  • Foliage stays crisper and lasts longer
  • Cleans and washes pollution from foliage
  • Reduces the frequency of foliage collection
  • Hygienic storage of foliage
  • Fully automated
  • Off grid power supply
  • Environmentally efficient


“Nicko, I have valued having the Foliagenator as it keeps the foliage fresh for 3-4 days as it is sprayed with water every hour. It doesn’t make a loud noise when doing this and being solar powered is fantastic. I can put the foliage out into the aviaries and cages at dusk and there is moisture on the leaves which the possums enjoy.”
Kris Spasojevic, WIRES Inner West Sydney

Kris was the first carer to purchase a Foliagenator. She is a very hard worker, dedicated and a respected source of valuable information about wildlife. Kris has many native animals in care from birds to possums.


Nicko de Cseuz
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Designed and Built by Nator Manufacturing,
Sydney, Australia